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Carla Calimani Yoga

mindful movement for every body


Hello, I'm Carla and I teach yoga in London.

Yoga means a multitude of different things to different people. To me, yoga means returning to our senses and noticing ourselves. How does it feel to inhabit our bodies, in this present moment, and is there the possibility of doing so with more ease?

I first discovered yoga as a teenager trying to find more balance and serenity. I still remember the enormity of the realisation that I was more than just my thoughts, and that there was a whole body connected to my head that I could sense into!


Since then, yoga has accompanied me and offered significant solace, particularly in more difficult times such as illness, bereavement, and childbirth. I find something deeply empowering in a practice that allows me not only to notice what I am feeling or thinking, but also to realise I have choices in how I respond to those thoughts and feelings.

I am inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, who championed working with the body rather than against it. Vanda focused on the spine, breath and gravity to develop an effortless, enjoyable approach that can be adapted to individual needs.

“There is beauty in the acceptance of what is”

Vanda Scaravelli
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My classes are suitable for all bodies and all levels of experience. My teaching also has a thorough anatomical underpinning, so that you are never asking your body to do anything that isn't helpful in terms of functional movement.

I like to think of our yoga practice space as an achievement-free zone, in which we are not preoccupied with getting into impressive complicated shapes, but simply exploring the interconnectedness between our mind, body and breath.

I teach a group class Saturday 9-10am at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, 43 Renfrew Road SE11 4NA (nearest tube Elephant and Castle, cost £10). I also offer one-to-one sessions in Central and South London. To book your place, or if you have any other questions, please do get in touch.

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